It’s Time to Embrace Flexibility and Unlock Office Space Efficiencies

New challenges facing commercial office occupiers include: varied WFH/hybrid work patterns by Line of Business (LOB), function, or geography, variation in preference between cost-savings and employee experience mandates, and lack of established benchmarks and frameworks to navigate conversations between C-Suite leaders and business leaders.

REKalibrate meets you where you are in your workplace transformation journey. Our platform is designed to help you optimize your office footprint, reduce costs, and enhance employee experience. By leveraging our data analytics capabilities, we assist you in accurately determining your workspace requirements, identifying areas of inefficiencies and value recapture, and providing real estate leaders the tools to work transparently with business leaders to build win-win solutions.

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Re:Kalibrate Space Management Software

DEMAND curves

Driving Efficiency Through Data Insights

Our data models – rooted in the fusion of People, Time, Space, and Dollars data – establish a unique intermediate view, which we call the Demand Curve. Demand Curves replace the need for reliance on oversimplified statistics with an easily referenced visual. We build from the foundation of a simple metric, daily occupancy data, to unlock new, more comprehensive metrics that provide deeper insight into employees’ real-time space utilization and your potential future space needs.

Simplifying complexity, the REKalibrate platform enables you to make informed decisions about your workspace demand confidently. Analyze Demand Curves by LOB and site to identify optimization opportunities tailored to your needs. With these comprehensive scenario modeling capabilities, you are empowered to maximize value creation and unlock significant savings.

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Understand Your Workspace Utilization and Pay Only for the Space You Need

REKalibrate creates a framework for facilitating more informed and productive real estate conversations across your entire organization. By centralizing and analyzing real estate data, our platform equips teams at all levels with the insights they need. From CRE teams to data teams to C-Suite executives, REKalibrate empowers every stakeholder to contribute to the overall success of office real estate management initiatives.