We are witnessing the transformation of an industry

We are Working in a Different Era

Commercial office real estate owners, occupiers, and operators alike face a pressing challenge: adapting and thriving in the era of flexible work. In this new world where the only constant is change, making decisions about your commercial office real estate portfolio can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. The stakes are high, the calculus has changed, and traditional methods of portfolio management are no longer sufficient.

REKalibrate is a commercial real estate analytics platform that provides new insights into how changes in the way people work effect the value derived from CRE spaces. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics and data-driven insights, REKalibrate empowers owners, occupiers, and operators to make smarter decisions in this new era.

Re:Kalibrate Space Management Software
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The Power of Predictive Insights

To gain an accurate understanding around future office space needs, we need to be able to understand how workforces behaved in the past, what is happening now, and various scenarios of what could happen in the future. At REKalibrate, we leverage predictive analytics powered by rich data sets in order to equip you with more than just insights – we provide foresight. Our cutting-edge data engine empowers owners, occupiers, and operators with actionable, intelligent portfolio management strategies rooted in defined value. With the power of predictions and bottom-up analysis, we help you steer your portfolio towards success amidst a transforming market.

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Why ReKalibrate

Our Data Philosophy

Built on a belief that people drive value in real estate, our foundational data set is comprised of four key pillars – People, Space, Time, and Dollars. The REKalibrate platform delves deep into the critical dimensions of your commercial office portfolio. We collect, transform, and fuse this data to analyze the relationships between physical occupancy, spatial, and financial characteristics across specific assets and specific groups of people. With this understanding, we power highly accurate predictive models that provide you with the insights you need to achieve your business objectives.