Empowering a world where real estate is transparent, flexible, and designed for the people who occupy it.

How people occupy space has fundamentally changed. We need to understand these new behaviors to create value in the future.

introducing reKalibrate

Our platform provides radical transparency + actionable insights for all stakeholders, that can be used to generate more value for office owners, operators, and occupiers. 

more than 100M square feet analyzed


Using data you already have we analyze tenant behavior to accurately predict the optimal footprints, resources, and services they will need.

12M square feet, average portfolio size


Our ongoing crash course in hybrid work has taught us a lot. Understanding how your teams are using space can highlight scenarios for massive CRE savings.

Thousands of simulations run


We integrate with all your tools to paint a clear picture of what utilization really looks like. Use it to invest more wisely and only build what the people will use.

why we're differeNT

Combining proprietary technology with deep domain expertise to deliver incredible value

Earned knowledge over anecdotes

Human behavior analytics and predictive demand models developed by experts and validated against the top real estate portfolios

Data fusion over information silos

Existing data sources are fused across occupancy, financial, and spatial domains to show a full picture of opportunities and risks

Proactive over reactive

Our always-on software paired with our expert consultation makes for a very dangerous combination

Office space filled with people

Answers to all your questions

Where does the data come from?
You already have the data you need, trust us. We can glean incredible insights from fusing and analyzing existing data like rent rolls, floor plans and badge swipes.
What do I do if I don't have turnstiles or a badge system?
We have partnered with some of the best and brightest sensor companies. We can work with you to design a custom sensor strategy that will get the data we need at a fraction of the cost of installing a physical access system
I already have a data team, what do I need you for?
We know from experience that data teams spend an inordinate amount of time on collecting, cleaning and processing data. Our goal is to empower these teams to work more efficiently so their time is spent identifying value opportunities for your organization.
Do you only work with owners?
We believe that real estate is a symmetrical system the follows the patterns of any supply & demand market. The decisions of occupiers will effect owners, and vice versa. We work across the entire CRE landscape including some of the largest owners, occupiers, and operators.
Some of this data is pretty sensitive, what do you do to protect it?
We employ industry best practices for data security and privacy, and we'll never store any personally identifiable information.
Will we really need all this once people go back to the office full time?
The desire for flexible work began long before covid, but has been solidified in the last 3 years. This isn't a trend, people have found a new way to get things done. The M-F 9-5 work model isn't coming back.

Welcome to the New Era of Commercial Real Estate