Who We Are

At REKalibrate, we’re leading the charge in commercial office transformation. With a foundation built upon years of industry experience, our innovative data and technology platform is ushering in a profound shift in the management of commercial office portfolios.

Powered by cutting-edge predictive data analytics, REKalibrate is on a mission to enable commercial real estate owners, occupiers, and operators to derive greater efficiency, value, and competitive advantages in this new era of flexible work.

Our intelligent portfolio management platform is one of a kind, purposefully designed to tackle the complex challenges of today’s commercial real estate landscape. By harnessing the power of People, Time, Spatial, and Dollars data, we provide new insights that are critical in enabling our clients to optimize their portfolios, maximize asset value, and seamlessly adapt to evolving customer needs.

Join us in building a future where real estate is transparent, efficient, and designed for the people who occupy it.

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